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I am a self-taught graphic designer. With proficiencies in illustrator and photoshop, i create illustrations, logos and other branding elements. I am inspired by symmetry and modern achitecture. On my spare time I enjoy creating digital art, compositions and other graphics. I am always seeking to improve my creative skills by always surrounding myself in art.


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Technology has always been exciting for me! Follow me in my journey as I take my first step into the tech industry with the web development course at BCIT. Though currently a student, I am planning to specialize in UX/UI design and SEO. With future hopes of managing my own web development agency, I am eager to learn about and create great websites.


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Business and marketing are my first passion. Having previously studied marketing management and achieving a diploma, I am taking the next step of my career to accomplish my mission to provide effective business solutions via web. I also enjoy keeping up with business news, trading stocks and listening to podcasts from my favourite entrepreneurs.